Friday, September 30, 2011

Do YUDU monograms???

I have really been on a roll lately, I have been trying to get my crafting groove going and so far so good....I posted earlier my Art Display Board (I have actually made two), and I have been fighting my newest crafting appliance..YUDU!! Can I just say, I love my sister and husband for thinking of me on my birthday and presenting me with such a thoughtful gift...but ummm...I abhor this machine...It has been the biggest nightmare ever and I just hope that at some point, I can figure it out!! If anyone has any tips, other than throwing it into the Gulf, please comment...I am at a loss!! Now, back to the successes...The girls are so excited about how their Halloween costumes are coming out, but as usual, they are wavering about what they want to be...let me tell you, my children will be wearing these costumes I have slaved over even if I have to dress them up and duct tape the costumes to their little puny bodies!!! Just a joke...don't call CPS on me...They do this to me every year and every year I swear that I will never make a homemade costume again. But they were so excited about what they wanted to be and I warned them, no last minute changes!!
Anyway,let me get back to the subject at hand..Here is what I tackled yesterday!!

Number 2 has been bugging me to buy her these horrible boots...I'm sorry, I know alot of you love them and think they are adorable, but I see a Fred Flinstone foot...they just are very unattractive...but while I was laying in bed at 3:00 a.m., my mind started to wander and of course it wandered to my boyfriend "Cricut"....and he called to me saying "please use me, please dust off the fuzz balls and USE ME!!" So the next morning I woke up and started brainstorming...I like to put it in writing, just little notes to inspire me...which brought me to the boots...Number two loves them so much and I have seen them with all kinds of things, Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana, plain, fuzzy(looks like dog fur), cheap, expensive and just about any color you could think of...I hated them all. So I thought, how can I make them better and I remembered when I did the Wellies..
DING, DING, DING!!! Winner winner chicken dinner....I would monogram them!!! Everything looks better with a monogram!! Right? Right? Of here they are and Number 2 has never been more excited about a pair of boots in her life and of course I got major "Mommy Points"...

let me know what you think and please follow me.. I also beg of you, if you know how to make this YUDU easier, leave a comment, or buy some scuba gear, because it will end up in the water at the bottom of the Gulf if I don't figure it out soon!!!