Friday, September 30, 2011

Do YUDU monograms???

I have really been on a roll lately, I have been trying to get my crafting groove going and so far so good....I posted earlier my Art Display Board (I have actually made two), and I have been fighting my newest crafting appliance..YUDU!! Can I just say, I love my sister and husband for thinking of me on my birthday and presenting me with such a thoughtful gift...but ummm...I abhor this machine...It has been the biggest nightmare ever and I just hope that at some point, I can figure it out!! If anyone has any tips, other than throwing it into the Gulf, please comment...I am at a loss!! Now, back to the successes...The girls are so excited about how their Halloween costumes are coming out, but as usual, they are wavering about what they want to be...let me tell you, my children will be wearing these costumes I have slaved over even if I have to dress them up and duct tape the costumes to their little puny bodies!!! Just a joke...don't call CPS on me...They do this to me every year and every year I swear that I will never make a homemade costume again. But they were so excited about what they wanted to be and I warned them, no last minute changes!!
Anyway,let me get back to the subject at hand..Here is what I tackled yesterday!!

Number 2 has been bugging me to buy her these horrible boots...I'm sorry, I know alot of you love them and think they are adorable, but I see a Fred Flinstone foot...they just are very unattractive...but while I was laying in bed at 3:00 a.m., my mind started to wander and of course it wandered to my boyfriend "Cricut"....and he called to me saying "please use me, please dust off the fuzz balls and USE ME!!" So the next morning I woke up and started brainstorming...I like to put it in writing, just little notes to inspire me...which brought me to the boots...Number two loves them so much and I have seen them with all kinds of things, Hello Kitty, Hannah Montana, plain, fuzzy(looks like dog fur), cheap, expensive and just about any color you could think of...I hated them all. So I thought, how can I make them better and I remembered when I did the Wellies..
DING, DING, DING!!! Winner winner chicken dinner....I would monogram them!!! Everything looks better with a monogram!! Right? Right? Of here they are and Number 2 has never been more excited about a pair of boots in her life and of course I got major "Mommy Points"...

let me know what you think and please follow me.. I also beg of you, if you know how to make this YUDU easier, leave a comment, or buy some scuba gear, because it will end up in the water at the bottom of the Gulf if I don't figure it out soon!!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fridgeless Picassos

It has truly been a week I would like to forget...#2 had some sort of funky illness that lasted 5 days and I literally have been mired down in germs and antibiotics to last a lifetime.....but there was one day of creativity!
After what seems to be an endless amount of school work coming home from the first few weeks of school, there is always the question of what to keep and what to toss. The problem I have is that I have nowhere to display these works of art.What if my kid is a Picasso, Rembrandt or Monet?? Who would discover their talent in the bottom of my Rubbermaid trash can or the dusty office box hidden in my closet? NOBODY!! Another issue is my refrigerator is stainless and as most of you probably know, there is no place to stick cute fridge magnets. What a dillema right?
So while searching my newest obsession "Pinterest", I found the solution...check out this adorable Kids Art Display at A Little of This, a Little of That...So stinking cute. I loved it and thought this is my answer.

Well off to find my supplies and this is what I came up with:

1x8 board (cut in half)
paint (unfortunately don't make the mistake and use enamel makes a disgusting gooey mess that you will be struggling with for about 2 hours.)
sandpaper(again, gooey, nasty mess when trying to weather)
clips (I used drapery hooks, because I had 6 packs that I have had for about 3 years and never used, plus, I couldn't leave #2 to go to Walmart)
Wood glue (thank goodness hubby is a contractor)
Beer tabs or Soda can tabs (umm...I'll let you guess which one's I used...hey, don't judge!!!)
Lettering (optional, but you know how I have a love affair with my Cricut)

So here is what I did:

Spray paint your board.

And here is the dreaded Enamel paint...ruh roh!! What can I say I was punch drunk from being in the house so long..

The legendary .09 clips I have had for 3 years!!

The board after being weathered with sandpaper...I also whitewashed it and used a lacquer over the top...I had to do something to make the sticky enamel look better...IT WORKED!

Space your clips...if I make another one, I think I would space them out a little more...

Glue them on with wood glue.... Add some Cricut lettering and this is what you get...
I love it, it is perfect for displaying their art work and fits in great with our decor!! Now, what I didn't take pics of was the way I added hangers....I used the tabs from (ahem) my cans and glued them on with wood glue, then added a screw on top of that and it is perfect for hanging....yay me!!!

This is probably my favorite project ever...not bad for a few hours of creativity in a sea of germs, snot and sweaty feverish hell!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

You've Got Mail!!

Well, school has started and I am so pleased and grateful that my girls have such extraordinary teachers. I try to make sure they(the teachers) know I am available to them if they need anything for the classroom or daily routine in general. My third grader's teacher, who I adore, asked me to embellish their classroom mailbox. here is what it looked like before....And of course who wouldn't want to make this better??? So here is what I came up with...

Pretty cute huh?? I think it will serve it's purpose!! And not so plain Jane...Now, get to work children!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Things I Love=Pinterest and Followers (but not stalkers)

Ok, my new obsession is Pinterest...if you haven't been there go now!! It's like a pin board's so great and you can find some truly inspiring ideas on just about everything. If you are reading this you probably already follow me (not like a creepy stalker like follower) but you periodically find your way to my blog. I appreciate it and would love for you to follow my Pinterest page as well. Maybe we can all get a little more inspired and creative as the months are "creeping" closer to the Holidays.
So here are a few of my new favorite things I have pinned: check them out and let me know what you think about Pinterest. Maybe I'll see you there and start "stalking" I mean,"following" you!!

How about these little cuties!! I wish I had seen them prior to the first day of school, I would have tried my hand at pencil making. They are so precious!!

These would have been great for the first day of school, don't you think??

So, here were just a couple of things I have found. If you want to see more click on "follow me on Pinterest" or on the button above my post index and you can see all the fabulousness I have pinned.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Back to School Survival Kit

I know it's been a while since I have posted anything, but I wanted to share with you this cute little "Back to School Survival Kit" I put together for my girls this week. I got the idea a year ago on another gal's blog, but I can't remember what the name of it was. If anyone recognizes the idea please message me or comment, so I can give credit where credit is due...It turned out so sweet, and I was able to use things I already had around the house ( Walmart). I hope you enjoy and hopefully it will inspire you to make a special memory with your children. I am so melancholy at this time of year, it makes me want to bring out the old photo albums and baby books to marvel at how my girls have grown and turned into such amazing human beings. Good luck to all of you in the upcoming weeks of back to school and maybe I'll get back some of my creativity now that the girls are back to school.

I used Laffy Taffy, Fruit Roll Up, Tootsie Roll, Hershey Kisses, Lollipops, Smarties, Pencil, Paper Clip, Rubber band, decorative bag.

I typed up the poem and used the ties to attach it to the bag.

Back to School Survival Kit
To help you get on a ROLL into the new school year, we are giving you a back to school survival kit.
There are SMARTIES to boost your brain power and
A RUBBER BAND to help you stretch your mind.
A PAPER CLIP is to remind you that you have all the tools to hold it together.
TOOTSIE ROLLS are so you remember to roll with the punches,
And a PENCIL to let you know how sharp we think you are.
There’s LAFFY TAFFY to remind you to keep your sense of humor when days are tough.
A LOLLIPOP is to help you lick any obstacles that come your way and
There are also some extra KISSES for when you might need them.
Have a great first day,

Now, the kicker is, try to give it to them prior to them leaving for school. If you forget you will be like me, sneaking into the school to slip them into the backpacks without anyone seeing!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

(Repost) Life on Old Savannah: Our Work Here is Done!!

We are now finished with our Easter is the Sunflower Peep Cake we made...well, Butterbean helped...Sweetpea was too busy with her program "Sonny With a Chance" to be bothered with helping. But it turned out precious. If you haven't seen them done before, there are numerous examples on the internet, however, we did ours a little different. Instead of the Peeps being upright, we turned ours upside down, that way we got more of a sunflower petal effect. Then we added a fondant ladybug (note to self..remember to slather hands with Crisco before coloring your fondant next time, now I have nice red hands for Mass tomorrow) and we used cocoa powder to color the middle above the chocolate chips. Let me know what you think and we are off the enjoy the rest of the afternoon!