Thursday, November 25, 2010

I am so Lalaloopsy Thankful!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, I hope today you are all sharing family time and making memories. I will be doing that shortly, but I am very lucky, I don't have to cook a big meal, my mom and step mom always cook. I am responsible for nibbles and that suits me just fine. So, you may wonder what I have been doing with my time lately...well, let me show you.... ...that's right...I've been sitting in front of my computer on this fantastic website tracking the toy of the year!! THE TOY OF THE YEAR PEOPLE!!! What?? You don't know what the toy of the year is??? Mwaahahahaha (in my most witchy voice)...well, now that I have mine, I will share with you what it is...and you better not tell anyone or you won't get one and that would be devastating to your little it is....

Lalaloopsy are these adorable rag dolls, except they really aren't rag dolls at all...they have really big plastic heads and little tiny plastic bodies...they each are sewn from different peoples old clothing and they don't come to life until the last sewn stitch...OMG!!! Last sewn stitch brings them to life...I can just picture the little elf in Santa's workshop toiling away on these little precious things and then with a final flick of a needle and thread..."Hello..I am Mittens Fluff n Stuff"...ok...that's how it goes in my head..your vision may be a little different!!
Apparently the hottest one is the this one...

This is Mittens Fluff n Stuff....she is adorable and she's alllllll mine!!! Well not really, she is for the girls, but I got one and it's like hitting the lottery....There are others....go check them out at

Your girls will love these...mine will be getting a few of them... so far we have Jewel Sparkle, Mittens Fluff n Stuff, Pillow Featherhead, Spot Splatter Splash and Bea Spells, I think I'm done..maybe. So get out there now ladies and be sure to sign up for ...they will email you when things show up online....

I hope you have a blessed and joyful Thanksgiving....eating today...SHOPPING TOMORROW!!!

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