Friday, April 30, 2010

Oil Spill Disaster

Hey everyone...I haven't been very crafty the last few days as we have had so much going creative juices are clogged with thoughts of oil oozing into our beautiful Gulf Coast...It has taken a toll on my desire to do anything but worry...Don't you hate when things you have no control over consume your every thought. I fear that after everything this area has been through the past few years we are about to feel the effects of Mother Nature like never before. Katrina packed a wallup but this is going to be just as devastating if not worse...our economy is suffering as it is..but we somehow managed to start rebuilding and rehabilitating what the Hurricane destroyed. Now life as we know it will come to abrupt halt...the lively hood that sustains many people from this area has already been closed. There will be no more commercial or recreational fishing in the areas affected by the oil leak. The restaurant owners will have to resort to purchasing from outside vendors for the food that they provide to our visitors and people who live on this gorgeous part of the country. They will have to incur more costs which will in turn be handed out to the locals to pay for, which will inevitably resort in the closing of some of the local restaurants. Our helpless wildlife is being affected and we have already seen deaths of sea turtles and birds on our shores and the oil hasn't even made it here..

So, I am at a loss of creativity. I am sad and grieving for my city and state. We have been through such tragedy and have scraped and clawed our way back to some sort of normalcy, a new normal, but things were getting better. Now I feel we are being hit below the belt. We are living through a disaster of epic proportion and I hope and pray that we won't be forgotten. That we don't become a sacrifice for big business. I ask the few of you who follow me, when you say your prayers please consider offering up a special one for the Gulf Coast. Please ask for guidance and vision for the higher ups who are addressing the oil leak. Please pray that they will find a way to preserve the beaches, the wildlife, the way of life for the people of this area. I will try and update everyone on what is happening and I can tell you that as of this afternoon there is no sign of oil on the shores, however, the smell is pungent and of course I've already mentioned the wildlife. Please keep us close in your thoughts and if you can volunteer or help in any way...please contact these numbers...MS Contacts for Oil Spill Response Information To discuss spill-related damage claims, please call (800) 440-0858. To report oiled or injured wildlife, please call (866) 557-1401. To report stranded dolphins or sea turtles, please call (888) 767-3657. To report stranded marine mammals, please call (888) 806-1674. To report oil on land, or for general community and volunteer information, please call (866) 448-5816.
Thank you to everyone and I will update everyone soon.

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  1. My heart aches as the Gulf Coast is such a magical place and holds so many memories for my family. We are praying for all involved.