Friday, March 19, 2010


I have told all of you about my sister's new job with a local caterer and bakery. Well, this is very exciting for her and our family, however, it does cut into our own personal baking needs. My Stepmother needed a cake baked for a friend's birthday, but my sis will be in Atlantic City at a baking conference. She decided to recommend me for the baking job. Now...keep in mind...I AM NOT A BAKER!! I can cook like nobodies business, but put a cake pan in front of me and I become a blithering idiot!!! I have helped her in the past with decorating, I do enjoy that aspect of the I told her I would do the figures for the cakes if she would bake the cake and ice it...DEAL!!! are the figures I made for the cake, they are made of fondant..It seems they have had a little too much to drink...or maybe it was me...I don't know, but by the end of the and the mice were feeling gooooodddd!!! I'll post pics when the cake is completed...until then...Cheers!!!!


  1. Jennifer, that looks AWESOME!! Please teach me how to do the fondant!! I want to learn so bad!!

  2. Christie...get some play-do and go to's the same consistency...if you can model play-do or can do fondant!! Glad to see you back blogging.