Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cricut and Cakes....whoot, whoot!!!!

Hello all...I am so excited...my sister has been hired with a catering company here locally and is now going to show the world how great she is at cake decorating. We are all so elated at her new opportunity. I have bragged on her before, but now she is actually going to get the recognition she deserves. You should definitely check her out at Iced and Sliced. So when she called me yesterday and told she was going to attend a Bakery Expo in Atlantic City, I was beside myself. We started looking around at some of the exhibitors that would be there and some of the classes she could attend...and something caught my eye. I will tell you that I spied the word Cricut and about went through the roof. Are you aware that you can use your Cricut Expression to make gorgeous cake designs??? I KNOW!!!!!! Maybe I am just behind on the times, but I had never heard of this and wanted to know more. So, of course, we signed her up for that class, but I also researched it on the old computer...Here is the article written by the lady that is giving the class....her name is Jennifer Atwood...and I can't wait to get all the juicy details....her web address is CuttingEdgeCakeArt.com, or you can just click on the address....It always amazes me when people think of things that make you go...."DUH??? WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THAT???? Well, after reading the article, I realized that yes you can use your Expression to decorate, but it may not be hygenic, however, they are manufacturing a Cricut Cake Machine that will do the job. So....I guess I will wait and see if my sister invests in this new fangled crafting machine...It would be great to have access to something you that would make me a better baker...Anyway, I hope my sister learns alot so she can come home and share her wealth of knowledge. I will let everyone know if she finds out any juicy nuggets that aren't on the fabulous Ms. Atwood's website....

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