Monday, March 8, 2010

Back online...with a little luck o' the Irish

Oh people...if I could tell you what last week held for wouldn't believe it. First off, both my children had strep throat. Secondly, my computer adapter quit I have had no access to my working laptop...but, on the bright side, I did get to spend some time with my girls and we even did a craft for St. Patrick's day, compliments of Under the Table & Dreaming ...they turned out so cute, and the girls truly loved it. All you need is white coffee filters, blue and green markers, spray water bottle, button and card stock or decorative paper for the background. Color your filters with the blue and green marker...spray them with water and allow the colors to run together. Lay them out to dry....when dry, fold them in half, then fold again so you end up with a triangle. Trim the ends into a a rounded heart shape, such as a shamrock. Staple them onto card stock and add a button in the center and a stem made out of colored paper. Super simple and a great idea.

Sami's project...we did add a little wording at the bottom with my Cricut

Seli's held her attention...can you believe it.

My shamrock....I think my girls are more talented...

I hope you try this project with your children, we really enjoyed it. Now I'm off to find a 12x12 photo frame for all our handmade clovers. I am also waiting on a new adapter so I can quit using this old laptop that is missing the shift key and won't stay on without jiggling and holding it's cord...pain in my rear I tell ya!!! Happy Monday ya'll!!!

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  1. I'm sending this post to my daughter,, she is looking for crafts to do with her three boys.. wonderful!