Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas!!! I hope everyone had a great and peaceful day with family and friends. I myself had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed every moment of watching my children's faces when they saw the wonder of Christmas morning. We attended a great mass at 4:30 at the new Senior Center here in town. It wasn't exactly a traditional church service, but since Katrina we've been gathering in a modified skating rink and we're no worse for wear. So, anyway, Secilia slept through the whole thing and snored her britches off. Samantha was her angelic self, singing and acting very reverent when she thought people were looking. We then took them (the girls) out to eat at the local casino...did you know there is nothing open on Christmas Eve except The Waffle House and casinos? And although I like a good scattered, smothered,covered and chunked breakfast, I just felt that the occasion warranted something a bit classier. It was good and the girls really enjoyed themselves,they love all the noise and lights at a casino, plus they thought they were cool when they realized kids aren't normally allowed. We then went home and prepared for Santa..
On Christmas morning it has been tradition (since the babies were born) for everyone to come to our house for breakfast... And what a breakfast it was! I tried a new recipe that called for cooking a casserole in a crock pot for 10-12 hours...guess what? DON'T EVER COOK EGGS FOR 12 HOURS!!!!! Luckily I looked in at midnight to check on my concoctions and realized these babies were gonna be a big ole' hot mess in a matter of minutes. I turned them off and just kept the warmer on them and they were fine in the morning. Bacon and hashbrown casserole, ham and hashbrown casserole, grits, biscuits, stuffed strawberries, and cinnamon rolls were on the menu....yummo!! Such a great morning with the family and I truly love moments when everyone gets along and is kind to one another...
Everyone loved their gifts, Mike was extremely pleased with his Saints tickets that I gave to him...not so much with the Saints clothing I bought for him to wear when attending the games, but he really loved the fact he was going to see them. He would have painted his chest in gold with my name in big black letters had I made that a stipulation.
He did a great job too...I received the most breathtaking Baccarat Crystal necklace from him and the girls. It truly is one of my favorite things I've ever received. He also gave me a Cricut, which I have wanted for years; a new Hero Android phone, of which I know nothing about, but I'm loving every moment of learning and of course a box of Hickory Farms (long story that I probably will never share with anyone, but trust me, it's hilarious). All in all it was a great holiday, I'm looking very forward to 2010 and what may be on the horizon for me and my loved ones. I truly wish all my friends and family abundant blessings and love in the upcoming year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My new Baccarat Crystal necklace

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