Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Planet 51 is a Turkey

Today the girls wanted to go see the movie Planet 51. I thought to myself, why not? It should be an ok movie, how bad could it be, aliens, moonmen, cartoon had to be ok for kids, right? Well after agreeing and setting up plans with my stepmom to go with me, I decided to look up the reviews on the internet, I don't know what told me to do so, but maybe because that mom intuition wouldn't leave me alone unless I did. I looked up the reviews and let's just say it's ironic that the it was released at Thanksgiving, because the movie is a big fat Turkey. Not only did it get 1 star in most of the reviews, but they (the majority of reviewers) out right warned parents this movie wasn't for kids...there were quite a few reviews that mentioned anal probe do you explain that to a 4 year old...So, needless to say, the movie didn't happen, instead we decided to go to lunch then go to my stepmom's to do Thanksgiving crafts...easy day don't you think? you know that craft stores don't provide Thanksgiving crafts twenty four hours before the big day...they have already been moved out and replaced by Santa's and reindeer decor...I know retailers have to gear up for the season, but where did all of it go? Where are the ceramic pilgrims, where are the corn husk dolls, what happened to the wooden cornucopias? Did they ship it back, did they sell out, did they send it to the alien's on Planet 51? Where in the "gobbler" are the dang Turkey crafts? Oh well, we settled on Christmas crafts, they weren't what we had in mind, but it worked, it kept the girls busy and they had a great time...Happy Turkey Day everyone...may the force be with you.

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