Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Woes

Black Friday...I look forward to it every best girlfriends and I have always gotten up at the butt crack of dawn and shopped until our feet were practically bloody stumps...well, that's kind of an exaggeration..but you get my drift. Except the one time we decided to hold out and not partake in the festivities, however, by 9:00 that morning we were so deep into D.T's we had no choice but to put on our shopping shoes and go. This year was going to be no different from year's past, we had a plan; the alarms were set and the coupons had been clipped. Unfortunately my body wasn't in on the plan. I woke myself up at 4:40 a.m. with a cough that made me think of barking dog. I decided to go ahead and get up..I'll feel better if I shower...that didn't happen. So at 5:15 I sent the dreaded text message to my peeps,"I can't make it"...I knew my day was going to consist of regrets. I would miss all the sales, all the bargains and all the sweat suit wearing,croc footed, bare faced women with the mad look of coupon crazed intoxication on their faces. What the hell was I thinking...feel better, feel better, FEEL BETTER!!!!! Well, I didn't, so I resorted to the next best thing, cyber shopping. Believe it or not, it wasn't half bad. I wore my bathrobe and drank coffee and I truly think I got better deals than I would have had I stood in line at a large retail chain. I actually accomplished goals on my to do list. Sadly, I missed quality time with my friends, that part I regret, I certainly can't get the hilarious entertainment they provide from staring at a computer screen. But the deals were good and I feel alot better this evening. Maybe next year I'll resume the Black Friday ritual, I did miss it, but this year was ok too. Besides, sometimes the best deals are the ones that you aren't expecting, just like the time I bought 25,000 cotton swabs for $ was a deal, and it certainly was unexpected...

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Planet 51 is a Turkey

Today the girls wanted to go see the movie Planet 51. I thought to myself, why not? It should be an ok movie, how bad could it be, aliens, moonmen, cartoon had to be ok for kids, right? Well after agreeing and setting up plans with my stepmom to go with me, I decided to look up the reviews on the internet, I don't know what told me to do so, but maybe because that mom intuition wouldn't leave me alone unless I did. I looked up the reviews and let's just say it's ironic that the it was released at Thanksgiving, because the movie is a big fat Turkey. Not only did it get 1 star in most of the reviews, but they (the majority of reviewers) out right warned parents this movie wasn't for kids...there were quite a few reviews that mentioned anal probe do you explain that to a 4 year old...So, needless to say, the movie didn't happen, instead we decided to go to lunch then go to my stepmom's to do Thanksgiving crafts...easy day don't you think? you know that craft stores don't provide Thanksgiving crafts twenty four hours before the big day...they have already been moved out and replaced by Santa's and reindeer decor...I know retailers have to gear up for the season, but where did all of it go? Where are the ceramic pilgrims, where are the corn husk dolls, what happened to the wooden cornucopias? Did they ship it back, did they sell out, did they send it to the alien's on Planet 51? Where in the "gobbler" are the dang Turkey crafts? Oh well, we settled on Christmas crafts, they weren't what we had in mind, but it worked, it kept the girls busy and they had a great time...Happy Turkey Day everyone...may the force be with you.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pink and Green Mantel and Christmas Tree Decor

Our Tree

This is my favorite decoration, I looked for years for the Kneeling Santa and finally found it at a craft show

This is my newest decoration addition..I got it for a great deal at Dirt Cheap. When you light the candles, the carousel spins.

Our nutcracker frog

Mantel Decor, I think it turned out really good this year


Today we have tried to finish the tree and mantel decor. All in all not a bad start to the decorating festivities around the Gundlach household...We only lost 5 ornaments and I was able to glue four of them back together. Ariel no longer has any arms, but her tail has been reattached...King Triton is missing his tail, but his hand has also been glued back together. Dumbo lost his water spray and Milificent lost her head...we also shattered a glass Christmas ball, however, I have learned from the past that platic balls are the way to go. We have slowly weeded out, or should I say trashed, most of the glass balls. If you haven't figured it out yet, we go with a Disney theme tree. The girls love it and I honestly love it is always so much fun to put them in groupings and watch the girls reenact their favortite movies. I will post some pics later when everything is completed, but my hubby seems to think the tree looks like a big cupcake. It tried to explain to him that he lives with a gaggle of girls, it is inevitable not to adorn the house with girly decor. Get over it man!!! to the rest of the house..Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go.....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ummm...I'm lost

Ok, I know I had a blog that I started a few months ago...but, as usual, I've lost it....This leads me to ask the question...How many things can one person forget in one day? Now I know this is probably an impossible question to answer, but I bet some super smart scientist has figured it out somewhere in this great big world. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people, but if they ever needed a lab rat, I'm their gal!

So, I am starting a new blog, and will begin this month. Why? you may be asking yourself, would a person start a blog in the busiest two months of the year? Well, it's pretty simple...I'm an idiot! No, really I just thought it would be fun to post pictures of our crafts and decorations that we do during this holiday season. I love this time of year, and honestly I don't really bottom out until after Mardi Gras. So there should be alot to blog about in the next few months. I hope I can keep it up, however, I always have good intentions that somehow never seem to fulfill their destiny, but we'll see.

So, until my next post...I hope some super smart person will answer my question...wait...what was the question again??